Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trip to DUBAI ..

When I finished my finals, My sisters and I figured why not go for the weekend to Dubai, so packed everything and went there,, It was my first time there and it's not going to be the last enshallah.
I loved everything there ( the fashion, the people, the food)..
We went for Breakfast at this French restaurant called "Madeline" it  was BEAUTIFUL!!
I'll leave with the pictures..
 The Menu

 The Area where we were sitting

 An very interesting cabinet

 My sisters plate
 Aged Cheese appetizer
 My plate
 What I was wearing ( bag from: Pedro, Shoes from: River Island, Leggings from: Top Shop)
 My other sisetr's plate
 Shoe District

 The Amazing view from the restaurant
 Burj Khalifa

Peace & Love 
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  1. شكل الاكل روعه ماشاالله
    استمري يا قمر