Friday, January 31, 2014


     One of my absolute favorite illustrators of ALL TIME is this man right here, Erte; Why? You ask. Well he is simply a genius in illustrating fashion and creating amazing curved subtle lines (All.By.Hand!). Erte was famous for his Art Deco illustrations, he also loved the theater so much that he designed the costumes for a silent movie called " The Restless Sex".
The amount of detail in his work is very inspirational for any Fashion Illustrator like myself. You can actually see the fineness of the lines and the precision in his work. If you really focus on the details in his illustrations you would think that he used some modern day computer program to draw, but he didn't, and that's the beauty of it. I was actually inspired by his astonishing fine work that I illustrated my ideas following his way of drawing. It took me 9 to 10 hours of illustrating non stop just to perfect it, and I think did. What do you guys think?

Some of Erte's Illustrations

My Erte inspired collection

Peace & Love 

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