Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sex and the City..

I know that this is an old movie..But I just saw it now and I didn't know it was that nice..
I mean the outfits are just so amazingly beautiful..I loved every second/minute of it..
OMG!! I want to live like that someday..And someday I will..
This movie is a motivation to every girl who wants to be a fashion designer or even a magazine editer..
How awseome was Sarah jessica parker in this movie!!! In my opinion she was the best character in the movie..
She was ambishus and full of Love..Just like me..
I mean the whole movie was talking about her and her 10 year Love "Big"..She loved everything about that man and he is so Handsome..

Have you seen the wedding dress..OMG!! The Best of the best wedding dresses of ALL times... I can't even describe the dress from how amazing it Should All see it..
When I frist saw the dress I said I want to get married in that dress Najla..By the way Najla is my big sister..
I presnt you the Dress..

I know right..

I loved the Bird on her hair..

Lets not forget about the braids mades dresses..which is also amzing..They were stunning in those dresses..

I wish I can be just like her someday..
with your love and support I will..

Love & Peace

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