Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Super Heros/ Comic..

I think that everyone loves comic books..I am a big fan myself..
I was surffing around youtube.com..when i found this girl showing Top Ten Hottist super Heros..I liked it so much that I decided to write a blog about it..and show my own Top Ten Hottist Heros..
I'll start with number one going on untill number ten..
Poisn Ivy..<3

If I'm going to be a super Hero I want to be Poisn Ivy..

This is the Fashion version of Poisn Ivy.. I really love the dress..
and let's not forget who played the role in Batman..of course the beautiful Uma Thurman..

Number tow.. Cat Woman.. beautiful and sexy..In the comic itself she have so many outfits, which amazing..

Her many different outfits..I love every single one of them..Oh and let's not forget the first woman who played catwoman Michelle Phifer..and then after her with many years Halle Berry played also Cat woman but the good virson of catwoman..
Michella Phifer everybody..


Halle Berry..<3

Very sexy...
Halle Berry also played another eye capturing super hero which is Storm from X Men..and there is this girl who played with her the comic book character Rouge..
I present you Storm and Rouge..Number three and four..

She looks powerful..<3

Storm in the comics..Amazing..

Rouge..the Actress is pretty..

Rouge in the comics..
Elektra..one of the most amazing characters in the comic books..When the name Elektra crosses your mind you think of her wonderful man Deardeivl..Jennifer Garner and Ben Aflek played those tow roles and they were stunning..So, they are number Five and Six..

They are so perfect with each other..<3

She looks amazing..<3

The comic virson of the Daredeivl..

Ben Aflek is so HOT!!<3
Number seven is the most popular Super hero of them all..Of course you all know her..
she's wounder woman..
the Actress was pretty I loved her outfit..<3

Beautiful drawing..

She's pretty.. I'm really inlove with the outfit..<3

Eight and Nine are Pwoer girl and Super girl..
I like them..and they're pretty too..

Power girl..

Super girl..
And number Ten is my favorite of them all..
Spider MAN..<3<3<3

And the Actor who plys it is Tobye Maguire..Oh My God he's so handsome..

I love him so much...

Love & Peace


  1. Nice topic.
    I have NEVER thought about fashion & superheros, but..some of them have so many style! lol
    Btw Love supergirl image.

    1. Thanks you for your comment Dear <3
      Yea I loved that image too :)