Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moschino Vs. McDonald's ??

Although all the fashion world and fashionista over there are used to Moschino being all crazy and creative with their collections, but it was never like this, no one expected that at all!! I mean come on, what happened Moschino?!
Did you go to McDonald's and decided to have a cheese burger with fries and then got fascinated by their sense of STYLE?! No one would ever want to work at fast food restaurant unless they have to, and you made your models walk on a runway for autumn/winter 2014, in Milan fashion week with McDonald's employees outfits?!
To be honest I really do have mixed feelings about this collection, I mean I like the iPhone case and one of their bags, I'll point it out in the photos below..BUT I feel like I can get what they are displaying on the runway anywhere with a much cheaper price, what I meant is it's not that unique. Moschino is a high end brand they should stand or rise by their standards and not sink in that low again!
 But overall it was disappointing yet horrible!! Please Moschino I Love You, don't do this again!
Oh, and they didn't just do McDonald's, they also made some sponge bob shirts and also some junk food like Hershey's chocolate,fruit loops etc.
I'll leave you with the collection.. please if you're sensitive to horrible fashion and fashion emergencies like me don't watch! I repeat DO NOT WATCH!
Just kidding, some of you might actually like it, so enjoy it..

Why so LAZY?!

I loved the bag that's on the left!

Do you want milk shake with that?!

But to be very fair some of the pieces in the collection were quite lovely for an everyday look, I loved it and it screamed Moschino. It has this kind of 80s vibe to it. I loved these items which are shown in the photos below...

And for the grand finale a " nutrition facts " wedding dress.. Augh I know what you're all thinking, OMG!!
Oh my god indeed..

Finally, I just want to say please Moschino don't make the same mistake agian, because I love your brand and what you do! Please do'nt disappoint me again. 


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