Thursday, February 13, 2014


So yesterday night I was invited to this amazing event called ( Nahar Triangle) it was very interesting and unique in many ways, there were lots of fascinating people. I met some fellow bloggers as well, and it was so refreshing meeting up with them I learned a lot about their backgrounds and it's always a pleasure meeting up with them!
The styling on the mannequins were so impressive and very well thought out, loved the story behind each on of the outfits. Some celebrities also made an appearance like Fahad Albutairi, and Mississippi (stand up comdians) from Telfaz11 and Luxury Events.
I will leave you with some of the pictures:

The man of the hour Nahar Behind The Mask.

I took a photo with Fahad Albutairi

I also met these two very stylish guys, and it turned out that they were fashion designers as well. Their style is effortless but striking, and I really loved the black leather skirt that one of them was wearing. Here are the edgy CEO and partner of ( Ghetto Inc. Records ).



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